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Will Wearable Technology Transform the Construction Site?

The introduction of wearable technology at construction sites could be a game changer.


​The Time is Now for New York State to Enact a Meaningful Statute of Repose to Provide Local Design Professionals with Protection on Par with that Afforded by Other States

When considering New York’s claimed status as forward thinking and progressive, the absence of a meaningful statute of repose is nothing short of mind boggling.


Timing is Everything - A Significant Supreme Court Ruling on Copyrights

Partner Paula M. Gart discusses the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring the registration of copyright before commencing an infringement action.


Is it Time for an Affidavit of Merit Requirement Against Design Professionals in New York?

Partner Lee Sacket deliberates the pros and cons of implementing an Affidavit of Merit requirement in New York to weed out frivolous lawsuits against design professionals.


​Why Design Professionals Should Request the Inclusion of Limitation of Liability Clauses in Their Project Agreements

Partner Keith J. Stevens emphasizes how limitation of liability clauses serve to significantly reduce the exposure of design firms and their insurers.


Camps are Not Immune to the Immunization Debate

With the increase in cases of vaccine-preventable diseases, the diversity that makes camp so special could also complicate a serious health and legal issue, if not carefully navigated by the camp.


When Fido Attacks: Defending Your Best Friend and Yourself Against Dog Bite Claims

Partner Keith J. Stevens discusses how knowledge of the dog bite laws could help pet owners avert potentially devastating consequences.

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