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The Pre-Mediation Mediation - When, Where and Why

. . . Nothing is more frustrating than spending a day at Mediation where the Mediator is consumed with issues among and between the defendants.


Removing the Trial Blinders to Achieve an Effective Mediation

The challenge to the Mediator is to find a means by which the “trial blinders” can be removed in order to allow for meaningful discussions and effective negotiations . . .


ESI, E-Discovery Plans and the Mediator - Facing the Future of Electronic Discovery

Mediating E-Discovery issues allows litigants to control what is being requested . . . Costs can be controlled, confidentiality can be maintained and adverse results–such as sanctions–can be avoided.


Design Professionals and Cyber Issues

We interview Christopher Ventrone, Vice President, Professional Liability for Markel Global Insurance. Chris has over fifteen years of experience underwriting all lines of professional liability.


Epi-Pens at Camp: A Necessity and Potential Liability Nightmare

While each state has different rules and regulations, the general policy is that a Camp is required to employ a health professional that is trained in the use, administration and storage of Epi-Pens.


Legal Malpractice: A Multistate Primer

Provides an overview of common issues that arise in legal malpractice claims across the country.


What's Your (Cyber) Plan?

Every business that uses or relies upon technology faces the risk of a cyber breach or cyber-attack. The numbers suggest that the question is not if you will be breached, but when.