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Trusts and Estates Lawyers Face Increasing Risks of Malpractice Claims

Trusts and estates practitioners have long felt insulated from the reach of legal malpractice...


New York Legal Malpractice: A Claim Professional's Guide

This primer provides claims professionals with a complete guide to common issues that arise in handling legal malpractice claims in New York.


Start Out Right: Engagement Letters

Since 2002, New York attorneys have been required to enter into written engagement letters documenting the terms of their relationship with each of their clients...


Pitfalls in Architect of Record/Design Architect Projects

The engagement of multiple architects on a single project is not uncommon. The involvement of multiple architects on a single project, however, can result in duplication of effort, finger pointing...


Basic Principles Make Exceptional Attorneys

It might be expected that attorneys would believe that education, experience, or personality are qualities that make an attorney exceptional, but the results were more revealing.


A Good and Happy Lawyer

An unhappy lawer will never be a good lawyer, and will never deliver the level of service deserved or fulfill the ethical obligations of competence, diligence and prompt communication required.


Controlling the Cost of New York Claims

Why are New York claims so expensive? This article looks at the many factors that attribute to the higher cost of New York claims.