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Build a Stronger Firm Through Risk Management

Law firm managers have countless responsibilities to their firms. Among those responsibilities are firm finances, personnel matters, partnership issues, and business development, just to name a few.


New York's Online Resources

One of the most useful resources available to anyone who handles claims in New York is the website offered by the New York State Unified Court System.


Avoiding Attorney Fee Claim Litigation

There is one undeniable truth about the practice of law: If an attorney sues a client for a legal fee, the client will invariably assert a counterclaim for legal malpractice.


Time Management for Lawyers

An attorney’s daily schedule is already over booked before emergencies and unexpected events arise. For this reason, time management is an important consideration for every attorney.


Maintaining a Conflict-Checking System

Having to reject a matter because of a conflict of interest is one of the most frustrating experiences an attorney faces.


New NYC Law Designed to Protect Pregnant Employees

On October, 2, 2013, Mayor Bloomberg signed into law additional protections for pregnant employees under the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL).


New York City Council Establishes Mandatory Sick Time

The Earned Sick Time Act, which goes into effect on April 1, 2014, requires most private employers, with a handful of exceptions, to provide employees with five days of paid sick time per year.