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Planning to Avoid Application of the Reciprocal Trust Doctrine

With the “fiscal cliff” looming on the horizon, practitioners are wary that the estate tax exemption and lifetime gift tax exemption will be dramatically reduced for 2013 and beyond.


LBCC Helps Change Residency Requirement in NYC's Special Inspection Program

Any professional who performs Special Inspections in the City of New York must be working as or through a registered Special Inspection Agency for projects issued a building permit after May 13, 2013.


Lateral Movement

In 2011, pundits proclaimed that the goal of increased profits was largely being reached by competitive lateral hiring—the practice of wooing lawyers, and their clients, to new law firms.


Making Ends Neat

Once an attorney has made the decision to depart, both the law firm and the attorney need to concentrate on acting professionally and placing the rights and needs of the client first.


NY's New Form of Business Practice: Is it the Future of Your Firm?

Effective January 1, 2012, New York is allowing up to 25% of the equity of a design professional corporation to be owned by those who are not New York licensed design professionals.


The Martial Artist's Potential Civil and Criminal Liability - Part II - Criminal Liability

Assault and battery, the main legal rubric which should concern the martial artist, is examined in depth as to potential criminal and civil liabilities which may arise.


The Martial Artist's Potential Civil and Criminal Liability - Part I - Civil Liability

This article examines the practical legal aspects of using martial arts techniques while training in the dojo or in defending oneself on the street. Assault