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Design Professional Fee Sharing Explained – Avoiding Misconduct

Fee-splitting and aiding & abetting unlicensed practice are grounds for misconduct, which subjects design professionals to suspension/revocation of their license, monetary fines, or criminal charges.


​Submittal Review – It’s Not All on the Design Professional (The Contractor has Requirements Too)

Many design professionals are not aware that the project's contractor should be obligated to review and approve submittals before conveying them to the project’s architect or designing engineer.


Mechanic’s Liens - What a Design Professional Needs to Know

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted countless individual businesses and virtually every industry. The construction industry was no exception.


The MTA Debarment Statute Can Lead to Dire Consequences to Contractors and Design Professionals

The MTA debarment rules necessitates that contractors and design professionals take extra steps to coordinate the timely completion of MTA projects to avoid stiff penalties or a five year debarment.


Will Wearable Technology Transform the Construction Site?

The introduction of wearable technology at construction sites could be a game changer.


​The Time is Now for New York State to Enact a Meaningful Statute of Repose to Provide Local Design Professionals with Protection on Par with that Afforded by Other States

When considering New York’s claimed status as forward thinking and progressive, the absence of a meaningful statute of repose is nothing short of mind boggling.


Timing is Everything - A Significant Supreme Court Ruling on Copyrights

Partner Paula M. Gart discusses the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling requiring the registration of copyright before commencing an infringement action.

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