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​New York’s Pay-When-Paid Clauses

Pay-When-Paid clauses in New York do not extend payment indefinitely and cannot be used as a strategy to extinguish a party’s responsibility for making a promised payment to a third party.


The Four Things I Wish My Clients Would Do

Avoiding claims against design professionals is a difficult task considering the changing manner in which business is done, not to mention the types of risks that never existed not so long ago.


Three Ways To Prevent Litigation Malpractice

There are many simple risk management techniques that can be taken by any litigation practitioner that can significantly help prevent common legal malpractice claims.


Lessons Learned from the Pandemic

The Pandemic caused businesses in the construction industry to react to unforeseen challenges. However, this experience should prepare the industry for a potentially different looking future.


New York City Local Law 97 – Impact of the Green New Deal on Design Professionals

Local Law 97 will affect over 50,000 existing residential and commercial buildings across the city, benefitting the environment, and in turn design professionals, by creating new avenues of business.


Design Professional Fee Sharing Explained – Avoiding Misconduct

Fee-splitting and aiding & abetting unlicensed practice are grounds for misconduct, which subjects design professionals to suspension/revocation of their license, monetary fines, or criminal charges.


​Submittal Review – It’s Not All on the Design Professional (The Contractor has Requirements Too)

Many design professionals are not aware that the project's contractor should be obligated to review and approve submittals before conveying them to the project’s architect or designing engineer.

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