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Partner Douglas R. Halstrom co-presents “How to Carefully Select Your Project/Client” at AIA Tri-State Legal Series on November 8, 2023


On Wednesday, November 8, 2023, partner Douglas R. Halstrom co-presented a virtual 90-minute program entitled “How to Carefully Select Your Project/Client”.  Mr. Halstrom's portion of the presentation focused on issues that design professionals should be on the lookout for when selecting projects and new clients.  

This event was presented as part of the AIA Tri-State Continuing Legal Series, which is a joint undertaking of AIA New York State, AIA New Jersey, and AIA Pennsylvania.  AIA NY, AIA NJ, and AIA PA have developed this unique series to cover essential information specifically geared toward architecture firm leaders, and aspiring firm leaders.

A synopsis of this presentation can be found below.  Please contact the firm administrator if interested in having L'Abbate, Balkan, Colavita & Contini, LLP attorneys present this seminar in its entirety, or other practice group seminars, to your organization.

“How to Carefully Select Your Project/Client”

November 8, 2023

Client selection is the first step the design professional can take to help to insure not only a successful project, but also a claim free project.  We will discuss the critical thinking in which the design professional should engage to avoid projects or clients that exhibit the signs of problems to come, due to, for example, inexperience with project development, ineffective personality traits, etc.  Another sign can be a project vision which is unrealistic for whatever reason.  These signs tend to reveal themselves as the design professional unveils the details of its proposed contract during the process of negotiation.

Also addressed is how best to protect oneself from potentially difficult clients, should the design professional decide to go forward with a project regardless.  These provisions include indemnity, description of scope of work (and the work not included in the project scope), ownership of documents, additional services, clauses, and the like.

Additionally, the program will go over best practices to be used during construction to head off potential claims against the architect, as well as potential change orders, and other claims by the contractor.  Attendance will assist design professionals in sharpening their critical thinking skills, help ensure payment for their work, and hopefully, avoid possible disputes.

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