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Partner John D. McKenna awarded membership to exclusive Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel organization


L'Abbate, Balkan, Colavita & Contini, LLC is proud to announce Partner John D. McKenna’s nomination approval to the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC). The privilege of membership to this exclusive organization is afforded only to those who have differentiated themselves both professionally and personally, and whose exemplary reputations have been earned.

FDCC is a professional trade association comprised of an inspired community of vetted defense counsel, industry executives, and even better people, who remain dedicated to promoting knowledge, fellowship, and professionalism, as they pursue the course of a balanced justice system and represent those in need of defense in civil lawsuits.

These exceptional members lead the legal profession by advancing the principles of integrity, fair civil justice, intellectual capital, and by fostering the trust and value of fellowship through referrals to their FDCC peers.

Founded in 1936 as an international defense organization dedicated to the principles of knowledge, justice, and fellowship, FDCC continues to build on its strong foundation of leadership and service to the legal profession and related industries, as an inspired community of vetted defense counsel, exceptional leaders, and even better people.

FDCC’s vision is to advance and sustain an equitable civil justice system now, and for future generations, through a community and network of trusted, leading and innovative legal professionals. The organization’s strength and sustainability are premised on the exclusive, inclusive, and diverse membership, through which new ideas, creativity, and scholarship are shared, valued and advanced. For additional information please visit the Federation’s website here.

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