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​Partners Daniel A. McFaul, Jr. and Keith J. Stevens to present at BREAKING GROUND! The 2019 AIA Tri-State Conference; AIA New Jersey, AIA New York State, and AIA Pennsylvania


Partners Daniel A. McFaul, Jr. and Keith J. Stevens to present at BREAKING GROUND! The 2019 AIA Tri-State Conference; AIA New Jersey, AIA New York State, and AIA Pennsylvania.

The partners' joint session entitled "Life Safety and Emerging Technology Considerations for Today’s Architect", will take place on Saturday, October 19, 2019, at the Albany Capital Center, 55 Eagle St., Albany, NY 12207.

Mr. McFaul and Mr. Stevens will be presenting before AIA members from the NYS, NJ, and PA Chapters of the American Institute of Architects.

The topics to be addressed include how today’s society can be unsettling for architects who are vulnerable to claims for personal injuries, property damage and everything in between.  While not all potential pitfalls can be avoided, this session will provide Participants with the tools required to reduce the likelihood of endangering the public.  Architects who attend this session should be able to confidently navigate the day to day nuances of their craft knowing they are taking a proactive approach towards safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of the public, and consequently limiting their own exposure.

Learning objectives will include: Considering challenges such as intellectual property rights, privacy rights and cyber security breaches which may impact the practice of architecture now and in the future; Assessing the specific dangers which are imposed upon the public by design and construction projects before such dangers occur; Understanding some of the new technology in both design and construction that is helping to reshape the industry; Evaluating whether to retain construction administration as part of their contractual responsibilities for a given project.

The American Institute of Architects has been the leading professional membership organization for licensed architects, associate members, and allied partners since 1857.

This exciting multi-state event is the second collaboration of AIA New Jersey, AIA New York State,  and AIA Pennsylvania that collectively have a membership of more than 13,000 members.  For additional information on this program, please click here.

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