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​The Three Cs Every Architect Should Rely Upon to Minimize the Risk of Danger

Keith Stevens discusses how architects can rely on contracts, building codes and consultants to protect the public, and secure the added benefit of protection from potential lawsuits and other claims.


The Expansion of Rights for Child Sex Victims: What You Need to Know!

Lee Sacket discusses how the camping industry should be proactive in response to The Child Victims Act which expands the rights of sex victims.


Key Factors That Design Professionals Should Consider in Client Selection

Douglas Halstrom emphasizes that client selection is the most important factor in avoiding risk for the design professional.


What The Design Professional Needs to Know About Blockchain

In this article, Lee Sacket discusses how design professionals should consider industry-centric technologies like Blockchain and Smart Contracts to facilitate a more efficient and profitable practice.


Five Keys to Avoiding Litigation Malpractice

This article by L'Abbate Balkan partner, William T. McCaffery, was published in the November 13, 2018 New York Law Journal Special Section on Litigation.


Using Betterment as an Effective Defense for the Design Professional

Design professionals can face claims that far exceed the reasonable cost to remedy when disputes arise concerning claimed damages for defective design, construction work, or materials.


Embracing Change While Mitigating Risk to Overcome the Skilled Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry

The growth of the construction industry has led to a skilled labor shortage which may increase the risk of claims to all parties involved in construction projects.

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