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Products and Industrial Liability

Skilled Litigators Protecting a Company's Name and Reputation

Whether the company is a Fortune 500 company or a small family run business, a products liability case can have devastating consequences if not properly handled.

When a company's name and reputation are on the line in a products liability case, highly skilled and experienced litigators are needed to represent the company's interests.

Since its founding in 1981, LBC&C has been known for its keen litigation skills. With years of experience in litigating products liability cases, LBC&C has handled virtually every level and type of bodily injury and property damage lawsuit and has gained the knowledge and experience to successfully resolve these often difficult cases.

Successful resolution of a lawsuit minimizes the financial impact of the event on a client, and at the same time maintains the client's reputation and good name.

The attorneys at LBC&C have defended cases involving products such as industrial machinery, motor vehicles, consumer products, and drug products.

They have litigated those cases at the trial and appellate level in state and federal courts.

However, beyond their outstanding court room skills, LBC&C lawyers have the ability to evaluate potential liabilities and quantify possible verdict outcomes which are key factors in planning a successful resolution of any lawsuit.

Early evaluations include an analysis of whether liability can be deferred to others under contractual arrangements, by statute, or by common law.

Achieving A Successful Resolution

Because litigation can be extremely expensive, the danger with any lawsuit is not only the possibility of an unfavorable outcome but also the costs.

Successful resolution of a lawsuit minimizes the financial impact of the event on a client, and at the same time maintains the client's reputation and good name.

Knowing what to do and when to do it are critical to successfully balancing these interests and at LBC&C that knowledge has been gained through years of experience.

At a lawsuit's inception, a strategy is developed taking into consideration all possible options including, dismissal motions, impleader actions, tenders of defense, settlement, alternate dispute resolution, and defending the case through trial.

This strategy, which factors in considerations such as jury sympathy, effectiveness of witnesses, qualifications of a claimant's expert, impact of evidence from co-defendants and non-party witnesses, is continuously evaluated as the case progresses.

Advanced Case Management and Efficiency

As with any service provided by LBC&C, total client satisfaction is paramount with keeping the client informed and involved in the decision making process.

Cost savings through economy of effort and efficiency in task handling are all part of the LBC&C culture and part of a successful resolution of any matter.

The Firm uses the latest technology for case management thereby reducing costs and facilitating client reporting. Cost savings are also achieved by having highly trained paralegals and associate attorneys working under the guidance and supervision of the Firm's partners.

LBC&C represents clients on significant matters throughout the United States. In such cases the firm works with regional counsel by providing assistance, guidance and direction for a successful resolution.

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