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Dedication to the Industry

LBC&C's long time dedication to the design profession and the construction industry as a whole is the foundation of the services provided by the Construction Industry Group.

Achieving its clients' goals in a professional, economical and creative manner comes only with years of legal experience immersed in the design and construction process.

The Firm's role in providing guidance and solutions to the complex issues that routinely arise during the design, construction and management of a project, serves to empower clients to proceed with their work without becoming mired in an unraveling situation.

Our attorneys understand the process of a project's delivery through its design, construction and management, as well as the business requirements of architects, engineers, construction companies, sureties, specialty trades and equipment suppliers alike.

Skilled in handling a broad range of issues, this Group's attorneys focus on the client's professional and business needs, from the project's inception through its completion.

Skilled in handling a broad range of issues, this Group's attorneys focus on the client's professional and business needs, from the project's inception through its completion.​

Crucial interim steps, from the preparation and negotiation of the contracts for services, the phases of design and submittals, the bidding and negotiation process, construction, payment, claims and close-out, are each addressed with the expertise necessary to implement critical decisions.

Contract Preparation and Review

The Construction Industry Group prepares and negotiates all varieties of design, construction, management and supply contracts to meet the multiple requirements of a construction project, and the differing needs of the project participants.

This Group's recognized strength in preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts, responding to proposed modifications, and advising of available protective devices, possible problems, solutions and acceptable positions, allows clients the freedom to concentrate on what they do best, with the assurance that their legal concerns have been appropriately addressed.

Guidance and Assistance Before and During Construction

The Construction Industry Group is fully equipped to respond quickly and concisely to the inevitable construction headaches such as on-site disputes, certifications for payment, performance guarantees, procurement restraints, default, claims, change orders, liens, bid protests and termination.

Attacking these issues head on, this Group's advice and guidance provide invaluable assistance expertly delivered by lawyers who understand the industry.

The Group's experience in intellectual property rights in design documents, software ownership rights, and electronic design document usage, enables LBC&C's clients to compete in the fast-paced technological aspects of construction.

Our attorneys also conduct seminars for clients' key personnel on effectively preparing and negotiating the contracts they find central to their practices or business. The use of AIA's electronic format documents, where necessary or advisable, often facilitates acceptance of contracts which have been tailored by this Group to meet each clients' specific needs.

The LBC&C Construction Industry Group prides itself on providing its clients with the integral documents, advice, guidance and direction for a successful project.

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