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Unparalleled Experience and Knowledge

Since its founding in 1981, LBC&C has been serving the design profession and has been a recognized leader in the field of architects’ and engineers’ professional liability defense.

The Group’s Partners, with nearly a century of combined experience representing design professionals in a wide array of matters, are assisted by experienced Associates dedicated to serving your needs.

As a design professional, you have the comfort of knowing that the lawyers with whom you are working are experienced in your profession and business.

They know and understand the principles of your practice. They can discuss complex issues with you intelligently, as well as simplify those issues for presentation to lay juries.

LBC&C offers a wide variety of services to design professionals, from litigation defense to business counseling.

Your valuable time is not spent educating lawyers, but is freed to devote to your business pursuits.

Offering a Complete Range of Services from Litigation to Business Counseling

LBC&C offers a wide variety of services to design professionals, from litigation defense to business counseling.

The Firm’s litigation experience is extensive, ranging from simple proceedings to complex and protracted trials.

Supported by a staff of paralegals and the latest in computer technology, the Firm professionally handles document intensive, complex litigation.

In its representation of individual professionals, the Firm provides a number of services. It performs risk analysis and management services, which have proven effective in reducing claim exposure by identifying and addressing areas of potential conflict before they become actual problems and result in litigation.

The Firm has also partnered with liability insurance companies to afford pre-claim assist services to design professionals. These programs are designed to offer guidance and where possible, resolve potential claims before they become lawsuits.

The Group also evaluates, drafts and negotiates professional service contracts, and offers legal advice on day to day issues that affect the design professional.

Supporting the Design Profession

LBC&C supports the design profession in many ways and is well known in the design community for its efforts. The Firm is a leading sponsor of many professional organization events.

LBC&C also serves as legal counsel to several professional organizations and societies, working with local and national agencies on matters of importance to the profession and representing individual professionals pro bono when the interests of the profession at large are at risk.

Using seminars, newsletters and client alerts, LBC&C keeps its clients and other members of the profession current on matters of interest and importance.

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